Usage Of Cellphones While Driving Is Illegal

cellphone on driving

Usage of cellphones (also called as mobile phones and cellular phones) while driving, is considered to be a controversial subject in many countries around the world. Since this act distracts a driver and increases the chances of road accidents, many governments have made it illegal. According to recent research, such accidents have increased in larger numbers than the drunk driving accident claim in New York. According to, these figures shown are quite alarming making the transport and road authorities to be stricter with the offenders who use cellphones while on the wheels. Read this article further, to know some interesting facts about the dangers involved while using cell phones during the driving period.

Know some interesting facts
In order to increase productivity, many people firmly believe that they can do multitasking while driving and as a result, they use their mobile phones while driving on the roads. According to medical and behavioral experts, this assumption is totally wrong and hence advice such drivers to avoid such risky usage. Most people are ignorant of the myth of multitasking associated with our human brains. The human brain does not execute two tasks at a time, and it handles the tasks in sequence but switches quickly between two different tasks. This process of quick change over is known as ‘attention switching.’ By this sequential process, the brain can finish all the tasks it receives at the same time.

Brain’s logic
Interestingly the brain chooses the information, process, encode, store the data it receives and responds according to the type of information. However, the studies reveal that human brain behaves differently when it is overloaded with more data or information, and it is here the aspect of ‘attention switching’ fails to collect the prime data which is missing during this overload condition. Accidents occur because of this missing data while the drivers use cell phones while driving and this effect leads to a situation called ‘driving blindness.’ The study further states that drivers on their mobile phones carry equal or even more risks than the drunken drivers. Due to these findings and with many proven records most countries have brought strict laws against the usage of cellphones while driving on the roads. Of course, few countries allow the usage of cell phones through bluetooth devices, and still few countries abandon even such usages. The countries still believe that hands-free devices make the users at risk due to the cognitive distraction that may cause the drives to miss something that happens on the road.

Texting while driving
Several findings have proved that texting whether sending or receiving messages while driving is considered to be worse than using the cell phones. As per experts, a driver will be off the road for five seconds while texting and this period is a too long period to take corrective action as most of the accidents happen within two seconds before taking any corrective action.

One should remember the fact that accidents occur in split seconds and usage of mobile phones while driving can always make a difference between preventing an accident or causing injuries or death to you as well as others.

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